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TEVIN, founded on February 2, 2020, is an independent think tank focused on Kurdish affairs. We provide a platform for coordination and dialogue, striving to foster common understanding and cooperation. Together with our partners, we aim to contribute to sustainable solutions and promote democracy as a comprehensive framework for equal and fair rights. 


TEVIN's mission is to seek sustainable solutions for the struggle of the Kurdish People with a long-term vision. We focus on three main goals: 


  1. Democratic Middle East: Promoting democratic governance as an umbrella for equal and just rights among all peoples, emphasizing political pluralism and cultural diversity based on comprehensive human rights application. 

  1. Stable Societies: Recognizing that political and economic stability is essential for promoting democracy, we work towards a Middle East where the rule of law prevails over the rule of force. 

  1. Security and Peace: Acknowledging that sustainable development hinges on peace and security, we strive to enable peace and security in the Middle East, preventing large-scale conflicts. 

OUR Beliefs 

  1. Democracy and Human Rights for All: We believe in democracy as a fundamental principle and advocate for the full enjoyment of rights stipulated in the International Bill of Human Rights by all individuals and ethnic groups. 

  2. Diversity and Pluralism: We believe that diversity and pluralism, rooted in respect for equal rights, are ideal solutions for all Middle Eastern people, emphasizing that justice is a prerequisite for lasting peace. 

  3. Constructive Dialogue: We consider constructive dialogue as the most effective mechanism for reaching in-depth solutions and understanding. 

  4. Gender Equality: We believe that the participation of women in all aspects of life in the society is a key factor in advancing Human Rights, social cohesion and peace. 

OUR Methodology 

Coordination & Networking

we commit ourselves to maintaining independence from all parties, whether political, governmental, or even military, and to operate at the same distance from everyone.

Innovating & Sharing Solution

We innovate for change, leveraging all available resources to seek sustainable approaches and solutions for the struggle of the Kurdish People in the Middle East. 

Impact on Policies 

We work to influence decision-making by increasing awareness of Kurdish affairs and emphasizing their needs through mobilization, advocacy, and innovative solutions. 



Independence: We commit to maintaining independence from all parties, including political, governmental, or military entities, operating equidistant from everyone. 


We uphold the highest standards of transparency at all levels of our work, recognizing that clarity is essential for effective coordination, dialogue, and shared objectives. 

Pluralism and diversity

We embrace anti-discrimination principles and promote political pluralism and ethnic, religious and gender diversity through mechanisms of participation and inclusion, maximizing diversity in our activities and outcomes. 

Our People 

Our team is driven by a shared sense of purpose, working collaboratively to create a space for open discussions and critical thinking. We believe that through understanding and cooperation, we can find sustainable solutions that contribute to the advancement of democracy and the realization of equal and fair rights. 

At TEVIN, our culture revolves around inclusivity, diversity, and a commitment to excellence. We value every individual's perspective and encourage innovative ideas that challenge the status quo. Our open-minded approach to dialogue allows us to explore various viewpoints, enabling us to arrive at well-informed conclusions.

This image is for Co-founder and CEO of TEVIN, Mr. Riyad Hami

Co-Founder and Board of Directors

Riyad Hami


Financial Officer's Office

Helein waleeka

This image is for Co-founder and CEO of TEVIN, Mr. Renas Sino

Co-Founder & CEO

Renas SINO


Non-resident researcher



Co Founder & Program Director

Daryous Al Dirwish 

We aim to bring together individuals, organizations, and parties from across these regions to fight Side by Side for their rights.

Brussels, Belgium | Qamishli, Syria

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