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Diversity and political participation in NES - Panel

A dialogue session on "Strengthening the Management of Positive Diversity" was held by TEVIN in northern and eastern Syria with the goal of promoting inclusion, involvement, and effective management of positive diversity especially in decision making,. The session was held in the city of Qamishli in early September 2021. Speakers.

  • Amjad Othman: politician, writer, member of the executive board of the Reform Movement in Syria (Al-Eslah Movement in Syria), a leader in the Syrian Democratic Council, and its official spokesman.

  • Aria Juma’a: Feminist, leader of the Kurdistan-Syria Women's Union, head of the Women and Children's Bureau, and member of the General Secretariat of the Kurdish National Council in Syria.

  • Musa Hanna: Lawyer and Syriac civil peace activist. Those who were unable to participate are willing to see the dialogue. Below is a link for excerpts of the dialogue session that took place in northern and eastern Syria with the participation of activists, politicians, and jurists.


Photos from the panel


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