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Euphrates River as a weapon of war

Brussels | NE Syria



The conflict in Syria for 10 years has consistently witnessed the use of all instruments of war, from excessive use of violence in all kinds of weapons, to the use of blockades, water and electricity cuts and the prevention of aid as tools of war, this excessive use of violence has killed at least 400,000 Syrians, arrested more than 200,000, and displaced at least 11 million internally and externally. It has also destroyed the infrastructure and weakened the purchasing power of the Syrian pound, and the unemployment rate has risen, and the migration rate for Syrian labor and cadres has increased.

The parties to the conflict, both local, regional, and international, continue to use the same previous instruments without being subject to international humanitarian law, as Turkey has recently suspended water again on its part, resulting in a severe drop in the river's water level, coupled with the drought in the region.

This research paper, shared by the TEVIN and the DEIRNA association, seeks to highlight possible causes, implications, and solutions from all directions.

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