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Promoting Economic Rights and Gender Equality in Syria’s Post-Conflict Constitution


Executive Summary

The post-conflict period in Syria constitutes a crucial phase that necessitates a careful analysis of the current economic situation in the country and subsequent efforts to embed the principles of economic rights within the new constitutional framework, given their importance in achieving and preserving stability in the nation. This paper examines the economic situation in Syria in comparison to the pre-conflict and during-conflict periods, identifying the key sectors affected by the conflict and the degree of their impact.

Additionally, the paper outlines priorities for improving the economic situation while at the same time respecting the economic rights of citizens, according to the vision of Syrian civil society that makes the foundation of this paper.

The second axis of this paper addresses economic rights in Syria, after giving a quick review of the rights already included in the current Syrian constitution. The paper finds that it is necessary to give a gender perspective to economic rights and to achieve gender equality in this field. It also lists some of the challenges facing this process, such as social customs and traditions, lack of awareness and education about women's rights, insufficient supportive laws, discrimination in work environment and limited support and financing for women's economic projects, based on the survey.

Furthermore, the paper discusses priorities and mechanisms for safeguarding economic rights through the enactment of supportive legislation and policies by the government, empowering civil society organizations and unions, raising awareness and educating citizens about their rights, and continuous monitoring of the violations related to economic rights. The study also provides insight into the role of civil society in protecting these rights through participation in the formulation of economic and social policies, monitoring and surveillance, public pressure, education and awareness, collaboration with international bodies, and the challenges faced by civil society in carrying out its duties.


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Economic Rights and Equality in Syria after the conflict - Final
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