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TEVIN ECONOMIC FORUM | Final Report 2022

April, 12, 2022. | NES | Brussels


The economic situation in Syria has witnessed an unprecedented deterioration. The COVID-19 pandemic has proved that no institution can tackle the economic, environmental, social and technological challenges on its own.

The pandemic itself was not the main reason for the deterioration of economic conditions. The reasons are multiple and related to the conflict in Syria. The conflict, and the accompanying political polarization in Syria, played a major role in undermining the economic foundations in North and East Syria. In addition to the imposed siege, due to the closure of all official border crossings, the last of which was the Yarubiyah border crossing. Not to mention drought, climate change, and the absence of a long-term strategy, which played a major role in the economic deterioration. These factors led to a significant shortage and weakness in basic services, such as electricity and water, in addition to an acute shortage of basic needs, such as bread and sugar.

This economic deterioration has had a severe impact on diversity. It exacerbated divisions and deepened the disputes, amid the inability to find effective solutions. Successive crises have proved the weakness of the capabilities available in North and East Syria, and the fragility of alliance relations with international organizations and donor governments. This confirms the high need to find alternative solutions that achieve self-sufficiency, instead of increasing consumption from neighboring countries.

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