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121 Syrian Organizations Condemn Repeated Hostilities in Northern Syria.

The U.S., EU, and Russia must address increasing instability and prevent new military operations in Northern Syria

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Frequent military threats and hostilities across northern Syria continue to wreak havoc on the region, which is home to hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons (IDPs) who fled other afflicted Syrian areas.

Hostilities in the region have hiked since early August 2022. Cities, towns, and villages in northern Syria witnessed dozens of attacks, with mortar shells, rockets, aircraft, and drones. Turkey has perpetrated the majority of these attacks.

In July 2022 alone, hostilities killed and injured 31 persons in Tall Tamr, Ayn Issa, Abu Rasin/Zarkan, Ayn al-Arab/Kobanî, Tall Rifaat, and more. These towns and villages were bombarded 75 times at least, with the attacks launched from areas where the Turkish military and their affiliated armed factions are stationed.

Since early 2022, hundreds of military attacks were documented along the frontlines in northern Syria. The attacks killed and injured dozens of civilians in the areas separating the territories held by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), Turkish military, armed opposition groups, Russian military, and the Syrian government forces.

Notably, the ongoing hostilities have not deterred Turkey from forcibly returning thousands of Syrian refugees in its territories.

According to official figures issued by Syria-Turkey border crossings, mainly those at Bab al-Hawa, Bab al-Salameh, and Tal Abyad, Turkey has deported approximately 11,000 Syrian refugees since early 2022, ignoring UN statementsthat Syria remains unsafe.

Previous military offensives in the region had catastrophic impacts on the area and its people, displacing tens of thousands and leading to numerous human rights violations which have been extensively documented by international organizations and independent UN bodies. Considering this precedent, as well as the worsening situation, the undersigned organizations express their deep concern with the repeated threats of a new military operation in northern Syria and demand that:

UN and Security Council Member States

  1. Establish a ceasefire across Syria, ensure that no party shall violate the ceasefire, and prevent any prospective military offensives in northern Syria that are likely to undermine stability in the region.

  2. Exert pressure to end the forced returns perpetrated against Syrian refugees in Turkey, Lebanon and other countries, act to ensure the voluntary, safe, and dignified return of refugees to their original places of residence, and repudiate plans of demographic change across Syria.


  1. Adil Center for Human Rights


  3. Ajyal Development Organization

  4. Al Aseel Association for Development

  5. Al hayat organization

  6. Al Raja Organization for Relief and Development

  7. Al Saraj Charity Association

  8. ALAHD

  9. Al-Diyar Society

  10. Allied For Peace

  11. Alnawars

  12. Amal al-Furat Organization

  13. Analysis and Strategic Studies Organization(ASO)

  14. Aras Charity

  15. Areej for Development

  16. ASHNA for Development

  17. Association for Restore Hope

  18. Ataa Al-Baghouz Organization

  19. Basha'r al-Khair Organization

  20. Better Hope for Al-Tabqa

  21. Better Life Organization

  22. Bridges of Love

  23. Building Path

  24. Center for Defense of Liberties

  25. Centre for research and protection of women's rights in Syria

  26. Charity Hajeen

  27. Community Solidarity Organaization

  28. CPDA - for Peace and Dialogue


  30. Daey Alamal

  31. DAN for Relief and Development

  32. Demos

  33. Development Seeds Center

  34. Development Without Borders

  35. Dijla Organization for Development and Environment

  36. DOZ e.V.


  38. Enlil Center

  39. Enmaa Alfourat Organization

  40. Eternity

  41. Euphrates.NGO

  42. European and American Solidarity Committee for Afrin - Espoir Afrin.

  43. Fajr

  44. Forerunner 4 Empowerment and Development

  45. Future Hands Organization

  46. Future Makers Team

  47. Future Visions of Development

  48. Ghaith Development Organization

  49. Green Trees Association

  50. Green Women's Association

  51. Hajin Technicians Organization

  52. HDF humanitarian

  53. Hevdesti-Synergy Association for Victims

  54. Hevy for relief and development

  55. Hope Makers

  56. House of Citizenship Organisation

  57. Intensive Care Association

  58. IWAA

  59. Jasmine Association

  60. Jian Charitable Society

  61. Jiyan Foundation For Human rights

  62. Jsor al-Amal

  63. Khonaf Association

  64. Khutwa Association

  65. Kobani for Relief and Development

  66. Koma Ava Kirina Afrine

  67. Kurdisch legal Committee

  68. Kurdish International Communittee for Human Rights

  69. Lights for Development and Construction

  70. Manara Organization

  71. Mary for culcher arts

  72. Mitan Center for the Revival of Civil Society

  73. Modem Organization

  74. MRFS - Medical Relief for Syria

  75. Nabd Team

  76. Nawat

  77. Noon for development and support of women and children

  78. Okaz

  79. Peace and civil society center /PCSC



  82. Peyam Association for Orfans Care

  83. Qadar Organization


  85. Raqqa is our country

  86. Ras al-Ayn/Serê Kaniyê Platform

  87. Reng for development

  88. RojHilat for Relief and Development

  89. Rose for support and empowerment

  90. Sara Organization to Combat Violence Against Woman

  91. Save the Generations

  92. SCSD

  93. Sêl Organization

  94. Share for Community Development

  95. Shawshak Association for Women

  96. Shelan for relife and development

  97. Shorouk Organization for Development

  98. Sighted Hands Organization.

  99. Society for Threatened Peoples - Germany

  100. Sphere Organization

  101. Stability Support Center

  102. Swaedna Organization for Relief and Devlopment

  103. Syria Help Organization

  104. Syriac Cross Organization for Relief and Development

  105. Syrian observatory for human rights

  106. Syrians for Truth and Justice - STJ

  107. Taa marbouta

  108. Tel-Abyed Forum for civil society

  109. TEVIN Association

  110. The civil Cooperation Team Organization

  111. The Four Seasons

  112. The National Organization for Human Rights in Syria

  113. The Syrian Women's Political Movement

  114. Together for Dirr Ezzor

  115. VDC-NSY

  116. Vision Organization

  117. Weqaya Association

  118. Wheat & Olive Platform

  119. Women for peace

  120. Zameen for Development and Peacebulding.

  121. Zirak for development (Smart Center)


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