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Afrin, the big prison. “Update on the human rights situation in Afrin July & August 2020”

NE Syria | Brussels


The violations, kidnappings and arrests of Kurdish civilians in Afrin and its villages have not stopped, as imposing strikes and ransoms has become a heavy burden on the shoulders of Kurdish citizens, and no citizen can move from one village to another or from his home to his land without permission from the armed factions, so people today live in Under the policy of collective punishment.

In addition to the ongoing security prosecutions and security arrests of the Kurds and accusing them of dealing with the enemy, all of this has become a truism for the purpose of extortion and the payment of ransoms, and it may range from one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars.

As for the humanitarian and living conditions in it, they have become very bad, as the national army factions loyal to Turkey control all resources and crossings. Each armed faction has authority over several villages from Afrin and has absolute authority over the administrative, security, military, judicial and economic authorities.

Where the armed factions control basic materials within the limits of their administration from selling and buying fuel, electricity generators, bread, and water to underground sources and they have put their hands on it in order to sell water, in addition to commercial stores and residential real estate.

In this update, which was prepared in partnership with the Armang civil society platform, we monitored the most prominent violations of civilians in July and August in the Afrin region and the affiliated villages.

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