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help us continue to work in order to achieve our specific goals 

Together with our partners, we aim to contribute to sustainable solutions and the promotion of democracy as a comprehensive umbrella for equal and fair rights


Information about our regular publications, plus our major research & reports.


Every event has its unique DNA

Coordination events

Coordination and dialogue meetings between NGO that are hosted periodically to enhance coordination and cooperation.

Research events

Our research events are hosted by experts with stakeholders and are generally open to the public.

Public events

Questions and answers, panel discussions with influential policy makers, authors and academics

Get Involved

Our diverse areas of expertise are designed to fit the changing needs  

TEVIN invites anyone wishing to join us to fight side-by-side with us, we are delighted if you actively participate in assisting us in accomplishing our objectives in your diverse communities, your ability to support us and encourage us to develop our work will help us overcome the challenges we face.

TEVIN Economic Forum

 During the first TEF, the various sectors will form principles, policies, and partnerships aimed at improving the economy and reducing poverty. Through this Forum, we hope to bring together political leaders, government officials, businessmen, civil society, and anyone else capable of making a positive impact for a more sustainable and inclusive future.

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